When I started PT, I was in a lot of pain everyday and sometimes all day.  I was so stiff that to bend over was an effort.  In time the pain got less & less; however, once the weather would change I was back and forth and I got very frustrated.

My PT, Stefanie, and (PTA) Kelli listened to me and could feel my frustration with me. 


After seeing an orthopaedic specialist and having a MRI, I was a candidate for a steroid injection.  The day after the injection I saw immediate results.  My PT released me two weeks later.


Today I continue my at home exercise program and will be joining Premier Medical Gym.  I am living the "good life" now and I'm so happy!!


A BIG THANK YOU TO Stefanie Poates, Kelli Kernen and the "Tech Team."


I highly recommend Premier Physical Therapy and thank them for all specialized care I received to get better and to be able to lead a productive life!

Marianne S.

Katie was extremely knowledgeable and willing to discuss my treatment as well as introduce me to new techniques and therapies such as suggested exercises to strengthen connecting/adjacent muscles supporting the knee, as well as dry needling, which was new to me. She gladly explained the reason and theory behind each technique and helped me further understand each process.  She always maintained a professional yet personable relationship.

Jessie was amazing at keeping me in check with my posture and effort, ensuring I always got the most out of each session.  A great coach and addition that was much appreciated.

Lauren was an excellent receptionist, smiled constantly and greeted me enthusiastically every time - both on the phone and in person.  This office was the pinnacle of patient care and I will be sure to choose them again, should I need further treatment.

Ben K.

Katie and Jess worked with me to get me mobile again.  I had been in pain for 20 years prior to my knee replacement. It is amazing to continue to discover things I can do that I haven't been able to do in many, many years.


Kevin E.

Everyone at Premier PT is great.  They make you feel like they are there for you 100%.  I have told all my friends about this place. It's great!

Darlene W.

The physical therapy for my shoulder after surgery has helped me restore my left arm to its free use.  This has given me the confidence to continue in my daily activities and consider my strength training exercises to be of top priority to complete.  My operation was a success, in a big part due to the excellent treatment received at Premier PT by Jennifer Robinson.

Marilyn K.

I was having problems with balance & was nervous about it.  I feel more confident now.  I realize I have to be aware of my surroundings in what I do & can still do things by being more aware of limitations due to arthritis, etc.  Yvette was a huge help to me & very caring.

Carolyn S.

After an auto accident, I was having trouble standing over 1.5 hours, bending over, doing house work and out door work.  But after my second session, I was already feeling better. But it took the whole 7 weeks to finally feel better and my exercises at home help a lot too.  I'm able to do the things  I couldn't before. 

Thanks to all the care I received I feel like a new person!!!  You're the best.

Jennie C.

I am now able to return to many of the activities that I did before my injury.  I visit friends, go to meetings, and entertain family & visitors.  Premier helped me get my life back together and for an 86 year old, that is an accomplishment!

Mary H.

I found my sessions to be fun and looked forward to them. Everyone here is so friendly and stays with you during all the treatments. They give you their full attention the whole time you are there.

Betty M.

It helped me a whole lot.  I know and understand it's going to be a long healing process, but the encouragement and friendly advice given to me is something I'm taking with me as I go through this journey of healing.

Gloria B.

I just want to say my Physical Therapist's Assistant, Kelli, is amazing.  She really made me feel comfortable and always explained what she was doing and why the exercises were very important to do. I'm so happy my Home Health PT referred me to Premier Physical Therapy.  Also everyone else at Premier was very helpful and friendly.

Linda S.

Did my experience with Premier Physical Therapy change my life in any way?

The short answer is YES.

I lived year after year, over 25 years, in virtually constant pain.  I gradually stopped doing hobbies such as playing cards, chess, puzzles, even viewing TV programming; and then began a systematic withdrawal from social activities with friends, neighbors, and eventually even from family. Sleep was interrupted several times a night, and I became very dependent on medications for pain relief and sleep.  This made for a very sad, irritable and frustrated individual.

I was referred to Premier Physical Therapy (PPT) by the Veteran Affairs Southpoint at Lee's Hill Outpatient Clinic (Lisa King, M.D.) via a company called Tri-West. (My injuries are technically under the auspices of Department of Labor Office of Worker's Compensation, but that's a story in itself.) Tri-West narrowed the search area for locations close to my home in Colonial Beach, VA, and offered the services of PPT in King George, VA - which I accepted.

The therapist (Katie Holliday) and staff were friendly, outgoing, and always upbeat; with positive attitudes that were nothing short of contagious.  I was also very impressed with Katie's enthusiasm, knowledge of her profession, and willingness to identify and explain everything that was relevant to my physical conditions and limitations.  I often teased the staff, referring to them as my person masochists, but every one of the staff had me feel welcomed, cared for, and optimistic through their positive demeanor.

Unfortunately, my virtually constant and varying levels of pain remains, but PPT helped me to increase my flexibility, which at the very least makes the roadways a little bit safer when I need to drive. More importantly, they individually and collectively brought a smile to my face and a little joy back into my life. I will very much miss them all.

Thank you for your time and your professional services.

Thomas O.

I was truly amazed at the benefits of Physical Therapy!  I didn't even know it was an option for my back pain, but thankfully it helped so much. Everyone in the KG office is knowledgeable, professional and ALWAYS greeted me with a big smile.  I was challenged with strengthening exercises, learned about my back and why it was giving me troubles, and always taught correct form when doing the exercises to correct my pain. 

The staff always worked together as a team from Lauren's fabulous personal skills with scheduling, to Jessie's great form corrections to make sure I was getting the full benefit, all the way to Katie's great care with strategies and natural remedies to heal my back pain.

I feel so much better and know I could call on them anytime in the future if I needed to!  Thanks ladies for all your dedication to quality care. I do miss my weekly appointments, but so glad I don't need them anymore!

Jaclyn K.

First of all, I would like to thank Katherine & all the staff for being so kind & friendly.  Although I may not ever be 100% with my age & arthritis, the exercises really helped a lot.  The home instructions are very helpful, I do them most every day.  I am able to get out some more.

Rayfield F.

Everyone in the (King George) office was professional, helpful and joyful. Their care made therapy something to look forward to, rather than dread!

Anita G.

Q. Did your experience with us change your life in any way?

A. Yes, I can now use my right knee without difficulty.  The Dr. (Katie) did a super job taking care of muscular and scar issues.  Dr. Katie is awesome and I will return for therapy when my left knee is replaced.  Thank you!

Russel W.

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